BALENCIAGA Sneaker Tess s.Gomma Maille
2021-12-25 13:56:41 | | News

BALENCIAGA Sneaker Tess s. Gomma MAILLE 3.0 upgraded version

Tess S.Black 542436 W1GB7 1000

Balenciaga’s pure original three-generation LED lights Balenciaga’s old LED lights are all black. Last year, the Balenciaga outdoor shoe Track Trainer, which had a high popularity, has now added a new design equipped with LED lights.
While continuing the Track Trainer’s outdoor contours and complex upper structure, the new version adds a rechargeable LED light strip at the heel position, which can be lit by simply clicking the "Track" button, and is set in red, yellow, and blue. 11 different lighting modes such as, green, purple, etc., greatly increase the eye-catching degree of the shoes, and after the power is exhausted, you need to charge through the included charging cable.